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We at The Brick Tile want to have your project completed in the best way, as efficiently as possible, with the best quality product and service, with no regrets.

Why Choose Us?


We always recommend you order a sample of the tiles that you love the most, this is to make sure you get a proper reflection of the colour and texture, as real clay bricks have unique properties that can only be appreciated fully in person.

Which Brick Tiles Do I Need?

You can browse our gallery. If you want to match existing brickwork you can send a  photos with your contact details.

Where Can I Install Brick Tiles?

Brick Tiles are suitable for everywhere internal and external. They can be applied to different surfaces, with only a few different considerations.

Who Can Install Brick Tiles?

You have two options – install them yourself, or use our  professional team. We have our list of installers nationwide to choose from if you feel you need help.

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